In-door ventilation

8 August 2018


The heat buildup inside the factory building will affect the overall operating system, especially in Thailand with hot air. Ventilation from inside the building is crucial not less than the protection of the outside heat. This article introduces the equipment for natural ventilation because it relates to the design of the factory building and it is a longest-term cost saving.



Equipment / System


Air ventilator – Reduce a heat buildup on high place

– Good for installing on high place and with good air circulation

–Rely on a certain level of wind to propel

– Risk of rain mist

Monitor system – Reduce a heat buildup on high place

–High price because it must be designed on the construction process

Louver – Moderately ventilation

–Easy maintenance, and popular

– May not be enough in some area which require better ventilation

Open-close Louver – Very good ventilation system

– Can open-close as required

– Can be installed on high place and has an open-close equipment from lower floor

–The standard size may not be suitable for the old factory because it must be cut to the size of the structure.
Steel louver siding


– Easy to install, cheap price

 – Little ventilation suitable for some kinds of works

Perforated ceiling board/ Perforated siding/ Perforated Louver – Look modern and beautiful  – Moderately ventilation depending on the structure
– If it is installed on  the siding, it is risk of rain mist exposure.
Window – Very good ventilation system

– Can open-close as required

– May be left open, because entering installed place is required