Onsite or Onstage Forming

8 August 2018

Onsite Forming is take the whole forming machine and material to produce at construction site. This method is used when the customer require the roofing length more than 24 m. Why it is 24 m? The reason is limited of delivery condition. In general, the trailer can delivery not over 24 m only. As well as, a traffic regulation and limited of route and road. Therefore, onsite method is invert for solve this problem. This method can be provided in 2 types, these are following

1.On-ground forming: it is settle forming machine on ground at construction site for producing a metal roof. After that, using mobile crane or tower crane remove a metal roof to roof purlin. This method can be apply for metal roof length between 24-40 m only. Because of, removing too long roof by crane. The metal roof may get damaged. In case of the customer would like metal roof more than 40 m. We will use the next method.



2.On Stage forming: this method is similar with on ground forming; but there is a little bit different. By set up forming machine on scaffolding which high level of scaffolding is equal to roof purlin level. And produce metal roof on it. This method is able to produce metal roof as long as you need and ideal for metal roof length over 40 meters.