Double-Roof Reroof

8 August 2018

Repair , Double-Roof , Reroof Problems of old building or old factory building’s roofing that we will encounter are water leakage or deterioration. If we want to renovate the building to look more modern and more beautiful and can solve leakage problems, It is not only a demolition, we should consider the overall condition of the factory building and assess our own needs to make the investment worthwhile.

Repair Repairing method (suitable for low damage, low leakage)

Mostly, old-fashion factory buildings use concrete cement tiles as a roof closing material, thus allowing a break of the material itself. There are very many joints, because this tile type has a length of 1-2 meters per sheet thus the repair should be in sheet to sheet basis. This is a disadvantage because climbing for a repair will cause the old tiles to be damaged by stepping on them and the color of the old and new plates can be very different. Although, there are some colors that can cover the leakage, we also worry about the lifespan and quality of spraying anyway



Double-Roof Double-Roof. Overlapping of a new roof on the old roof (suitable for extreme damage, many leakage points and are easier to install than reroof because it does not have to be demolished))

This method is very suitable for a factory building that finds a lot of leakages and hard to find a leakage, and the plant cannot stop the manufacturing or stop the operation to repair the old roof. The installation is done by adding supporting equipment to the old roof and install a new roof system that can resolve leakage problems. However, there is a limitation. Before installing, we need to check the original structure that how much more weight can it support, even when the metal sheet has a lighter weight per square meter, but we should also look forward to furthering installation of equipment, such as the solar cell system.




Reroof. Old roof dismantling and new roof installations (suitable for extreme damage with a lot of leakages) is a solution that can solve at any point and make both interior and exterior structure more beautiful without worrying about the structure as the weight per square meter of the metal sheet is lighter than the tile, but it will have the highest cost and take a very long time because it require a demolition and installation processes. The internal operation needs to be stopped for safety, but, in some cases, it can be installed (additional charges may be applying due to the on-site decoration materials) depending on the types and activities. Please consult the installation specialist.

*Whatever improvement method be used, the location limitation should be considered significantly such as transportation route and/or alley are wide enough and has an enough space for lifting the roof